StartSSL no longer free

I’ve been using the StartSSL service on a couple websites for a number of years, and enjoyed being able to utilize a free SSL cert that actually works with most of the browsers out there. After receiving notice that one of my certs was expiring soon, I went back to the site and went through the process of renewing it. Except this time, instead of getting my rewned cert, I instead got an email that the free certs are not allowed for commercial use (ie, ecommerce). Even though everything on their website indicates it is fine to use them this way, and I’d had no problem using them for some time on my commercial sites. Instead, theyre now steering me to use their “Class 2” cert which is a paid option.

So, don’t bother signing up with these guys if you need an ssl cert for your website. You might “luck out” and get a free one, but next year they’ll likely suddenly remember that you’re not supposed to be using it for what it is intended.

Guess I’ll go shopping and see who’s gouging me the least these days for a silly SSL cert…


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