Tesla Coil

Was reminded by a buddy today of the Tesla coil I built back in my early teens. By the numbers, it put out around 100kv of lightning, just enough to be scary. I’ll try to find some photos tucked away and get them online.

Probably was a bad idea to remind me of this, as I’m now remembering all the details about it.. and thinking of improvements… and realizing if I’d actually had funds back then, how I could built it much better. And then reminding myself that yes, though I have funds now, it would be a terrible idea to build one of these again, especially since I’d likely wind up doing something stupid like a 1Megavolt rig. Not only do these coils completely trash any radio signals in the area (knock knock, FCC, open the door), they can easily even fry small electronics within the vicinity. Not to mention the real danger of being hit by a million volts of lightning.

Nope, I’ll just stick to software for now.

For now….