Undelete popular tabs in IE9

Using IE9, I like the “popular sites” list of links that shows up when a new tab is opened. Of course google is one of the first ones.. except I accidently removed it a while back, and now can’t figure out how to “un-remove” it. Some searching online found out there is no real way … Continue reading “Undelete popular tabs in IE9”

EF Code-First first look

Modifying a project built using EF Code First, and so far I like what I see. The whole POCO concept seems to work well, especially for a smaller simpler project. I learned a lot about it from this link: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2010/07/16/code-first-development-with-entity-framework-4.aspx I also like how you can eaisly define test data to use in place of … Continue reading “EF Code-First first look”

Phalanger PHP Compiler – new version released

I’ve been watching this project for years, and just noticed a new major release was made last month. Phalanger is a Php to .Net (CLR) conversion framework. Effectively lets you run PHP apps as .Net, inside the CLR, on an IIS server. As it matures, this should be a great option for running php code … Continue reading “Phalanger PHP Compiler – new version released”

Installshield sucks. Thanks Microsoft.

Adding an installation project to my solution in vs2010, i notice an “installshield le” option for installation projects. ok, whats this? I do some research and apparently microsoft is abandoning their own installation projects, and will be moving everyone to use this “light edition” of installshield in the future. I’ve used installshield in the past. … Continue reading “Installshield sucks. Thanks Microsoft.”