SEO Image Names in NOPCommerce

Image file names in NopCommerce have historically been not very attractive, to either humans or google-like creatures. The image file format for Nop has historically been: site.url/images/thumbs/00000123_70.jpg which would be the image with id 123, and dimensions of 70 along the largest size. slightly off topic – the “single size” parameter of Nop has been … Continue reading “SEO Image Names in NOPCommerce”

Open URL using LinkLabel

In Winforms, you have a LinkLabel control – which one might be interested in using to open a browser with a url (perhaps?). One way to accomplish this is to add the LinkClicked event handler, and have it execute this: System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(;  //Put your own URL in there WPF uses a different control and method of … Continue reading “Open URL using LinkLabel”