Google Black Bar

Google apparently decided to change the menu bar across the top of the page to black. I don’t really care, but I will admit it looks really out of place. Apparently a lot of others agree- and some really have strangely strong opinions about it, which can’t be a healthy sign… but anyway.

So who wants to build a firefox plugin to revert this menu back and make all these weirdos happy again?

Oh and why am I writing about something this dumb? Im just curious if I can rank for the phrase Google Black Bar. And that’s why I just said it again right there 😉


Google Microphone in Chrome spooks me out

Loaded Chrome browser earlier and was greeted with a little microphone icon in google’s search box. Click it, and sure enough, you can talk to google and it will recognize what you say and do a search for it.

Cool stuff, but what is spooky about this is- the browser never asked me if I wanted to allow the app to use my mic. So, technically, google could turn on my microphone and listen to me any time it wants? What are the security parameters around this thing?

Click Mic icon. Say “Google, are you listening to me?”