CS0433 in ASP.NET

Recently had some work done in ASP.Net, but when I published the project on the server, I kept getting compiler errors- complaining about missing an object type, and spitting out a bunch of references to the asp.net temporary folders. The first inclination is that there is junk in those temp folders, so delete them and … Continue reading “CS0433 in ASP.NET”

Blocking Ad Blockers – Unblockable Ads

Can web ads be “unblockable”? Lots of web users are running Adblock Pro and a variety of other tools that do a very effective job of blocking ads on websites. Most of these tools simply block access to the third party urls that serve up the majority of the ads on the web. Products like … Continue reading “Blocking Ad Blockers – Unblockable Ads”

Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoin has been around for a while now, remaining in relative obscurity. Until recently. The cyprus “we’re stealing your money for the benefit of our country” nonsense has created such a demand for something other than “normal” currency that suddenly something like bitcoin is looking attractive to a lot of people, most of which probably … Continue reading “Bitcoin Bubble”