What is this weird URL that seems to show up in the strangest places? is a redirect url used by Commission Junction ( to sort of anonymize links to individual offers on their platform. So when you post a link to an affiliate offer from CJ (for instance,¬† ), they use this link to make it less obvious that the link is an affiliate link. Or at least that’s what I assume.

Malware removal toolkit – step by step

I recently suspected my laptop may have some malware (though now I think it’s just some new evil ad stuffing technique used on the web, but digress do I), so I consulted my guru buddy “tk” which malware removal tool he currently recommends. And he dumped the following list on me ūüėČ

me: What’s the best malware scanner n0wdays?
tk: There isn’t one really. You have to weed the sh*t out. One sec and I’ll get you a list.

1.  Start with
2. Then after step 1, go to windows\temp and %temp% and empty those.
3. Then run ¬†(Don’t install the “free” realtime scanner. it’s a check box. )
4. Then run (it may find some scheduler stuff or something malwarebytes missed.)
5. Once all that is done, run this to manually see what is starting on the PC:
6. Then run this to see if you can spot anything out of the norm (this and the prior step take some understanding of how windows works)
7. Then run this hosts file editor to check if any domain redirs are hiding in the hosts file:

tk: If it was just something dumb downloaded with a silent installer, the first two things will clean it up. The last stuff is for the really sh*tty malware.