PHP on Windows, IIS, FastCGI results in MySql Sleeping Connections and Too Many Connections error

Not long ago we moved a wordpress based website from an ovh account to a windows server we already had running other things. (Nothing against OVH, just no point in having another server when we have excess already). We’ve run a number of wordpress installs on IIS and Windows, and the FastCGI implementation seems to … Continue reading “PHP on Windows, IIS, FastCGI results in MySql Sleeping Connections and Too Many Connections error”

Home Raising in Houston, after Harvey

Raising your home further above the ground is something I just heard of in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas. It’s not inexpensive, but apparently there are actual options for this, including raising a house that is on a slab (pier and beam can obviously be raised without nearly as much effort). I’m … Continue reading “Home Raising in Houston, after Harvey”

Crashplan Home replacements and alternatives

Crashplan, my favorite backup software, recently announced they would be discontinuing the consumer or “home” product from their lineup and will just focus on business customers instead. This sucks as I had settled on using their product for all my backups some time ago, and have it running on a number of machines. The good … Continue reading “Crashplan Home replacements and alternatives”

6÷2(1+2)=? How do you solve this?

6÷2(1+2) is one of those order of operations problems that pops up on social media occasionally and causes people to disagree on the answer and get all angry about it 😉 The reason the disagreements occur is based in order of operations. Most of us know to complete the inside of the parenthesis before applying … Continue reading “6÷2(1+2)=? How do you solve this?”

Moving Google Analytics property to a different account

If you buy a website with a long history online, you’ll likely want to preserve the google analytics account history. If the previous owner can’t give you control of the account with this history, things can get a little weird. The options I’ve found so far are: -The prior owner can just add your login … Continue reading “Moving Google Analytics property to a different account”

PHP code for Bing/Microsoft/Azure translator

Microsoft has yet again changed the API service for the translator api they offer (formerly known as Bing translator, Microsoft Translator, Azure Translator?). It’s now been moved to Azure, and is under the “Cognitive Services” offerings. Maybe it will stay here for more than a couple months before they mess with it again? I needed … Continue reading “PHP code for Bing/Microsoft/Azure translator”

How to be an Online Broadcaster

I casually asked TK today about online broadcasting, and he managed to deliver a lot of knowledge on the topic. I didn’t even know he was into that kinda thing 😉 I’d asked about after seeing an article able using twitch to control paintbrushes to create painting, in a strange crowd-sourced kind of artwork (article … Continue reading “How to be an Online Broadcaster”

I’m on hold song on

Called into an uberconference conference call today and was a little early. Noticed the hold music was a little different than what I’m used to. Then I noticed the guy singing mentioned being “on hold, for a conference call” and “wonder where my friends are”. Awesome! A bit of googling found this is the song … Continue reading “I’m on hold song on”

Using GIT with Visual Studio and a Local project

Git usage with visual studio has become easier in recent times, but I always still have a bit of a headache remembering a few basic items. For instance, I use for a lot of private repositories, and I often will have source code on my local machine that I’d like to add to git … Continue reading “Using GIT with Visual Studio and a Local project” – Pokémon Go finder map app

A lot of these “pokemon finder” apps have popped up since the pokemon go app became such a big deal. Check out the app for a good example of a pokemon finder (aka pokefind). A blog is going live soon on the site so you can keep up with both news about pokefind as … Continue reading “ – Pokémon Go finder map app”

Pistol Gun Emoji in Apple iOS and Windows

Big news today was Apple replacing the “pistol” emoji with a water gun design, apparently in an effort to make fonts less violent? The old and new emoji’s look like this: But, what I didn’t see in the news is that the major “Windows 10 Anniversary Update” released today, does the exact opposite- Windows 10 … Continue reading “Pistol Gun Emoji in Apple iOS and Windows”