Mark Benton Chris O’Dowd

I can’t be the first to notice the strong resemblence between Mark Benton and Chris O’Dowd, right?

Saw Mark on an episode of Dr. Who from around 2005… and really thought it was Chris, maybe in a fat (chubby?) suit. But then noticed he seemed a bit older, so couldn’t be him. But the resemblence between the two is almost creepy. Oh, Chris is the dude from The I.T. Crowd.


(todo: add character names from these shows)

5 thoughts on “Mark Benton Chris O’Dowd”

  1. Wow, the same thing happened to me. I honestly didn’t know Mark Benton. I saw him in Eddie the Eagle’ & I thought it was Chris’o Dowd in a fat suit. Only recently I realised thanks to a lost bet that it was Mark Benton & not Chris o’Dowd. There sure is some connection there.

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