Download Sql Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012

Yet another frustration with recent microsoft products- the server products (now running windows server 2012) has the browswer locked down tight. This means it won’t let you download files, without digging through a bunch of security settings and fiddling with them until it lets you.

This bit me recently when trying to download sql server 2012 express edition onto a windows server 2012 instance- even with * added to the trusted sites list, the stupid download page for sql expresss 2012 doesnt show the button one needs to click in order to pop a modal window with all the versions of the sql server- you know, the “with tools”, “advanced version”, and all that mess.

I finally just fired up fiddler on my laptop and downloaded the advanced edition from there- and it logged the “real” download link for the version I was after- advanced edition 64 bit. Copied this link and pasted into the browser on the server, and worked fine. Posted here in case you can use it as well:

Sql Server Express 2012 64 bit Advanced with Tools