WatiN and missing Interop.SHDocVw.dll

One more WatiN gotcha to post – in a freshly created project with WatiN added (via nuget), creating the new instance of the IE object will (always? often?) result in an exception thrown with the error message that the Interop.SHDocVw dll missing. The apparent solution for this is-

-Click on this dll in the References section

-In the properties for this reference, find the property “Embed Interop Types”, and switch it from True to False.

Try running again and it should work now.

WatiN and the .Net 4.0 Client Profile

This is one of those I had to learn twice before it stuck-

When using WatiN with a .Net application (which is, uh, always), I’ve had my project fail to recognize the WatiN namespace… on two occasions.

Especially when building on WPF, it seems visual studio defaults to the .Net client profile, which does not include the system.web libraries that WatiN requires. So after banging your head on the wall for a while, you might notice that there is one or two “warnings” in visual studio.. open those up, and you’ll see the warning about a dependency of WatiN, System.Web dot blah blah cannot be found etc.

Changing from the client profile to the full .Net 4.0 framework fixes this.

(now, after writing this, maybe I won’t forget on the third time)

orchard vs. wordpress popularity

A bit of keyword researching this evening lead me to the phrase “orchard themes”, which I have some interest (and stake) in since I’ve been working with orchard for quite a while now. This exact phrase is searched only about 100 times per month in the US, which didn’t sound like a lot to me. Then I did a search for “wordpress themes” to get a comparison, and sure enough… 100,000 searches per month. The global searches were about the same ratio, roughly 300 and 300,000.

So a very rough approximation of this data would tell us that wordpress is currently 1000 time as popular as Orchard. Ouch!

Oh the currently-empty project I currently have for for this is over at orchard themes on codeplex.