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If you have multiple amazon accounts like I do (business account and personal), there’s a good chance you’ve added a bunch of products to your cart to then realize you are logged into the wrong account. Argh.
Amazon used to have some feature to copy cart contents to a different account based on email, but apparently this created some kind of security issue and was removed. They now suggest moving your cart to another Amazon account by putting all your cart items into a wish list, then sharing it to the other user, etc. etc. Sounds like a pain.
There is also a chrome extension that helps get around this, but who the heck trusts those things nowdays?
So the hack I found that sorta helps but doesn’t completely, is as follows:

-When logged into the “wrong” account with all the items in the cart, open your shopping cart page.
-Open a second tab and then login with the correct account. In the same browser.
Now you are logged into the correct account, but you have that zombie cart part still open from the other account.
-Carefully right click each item in your old cart, and click “open in new tab”
-go through each tab, and click “add to cart”- this will then add them all to the correct cart that you are currently logged in with.

Proceed with checkout and done. Not one click, but not terrible either.

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