Free T-Mobile Signal Booster

I live in an area where a ton of construction is going on, and multi-story buildings all around me wound up blocking almost all of my t-mobile cell signal. So for some time I tackled this problem the good ‘ol american way… by just grumbling about it.  Last week we mentioned the problem to T-mobile … Continue reading “Free T-Mobile Signal Booster”

Cheap Chinese Bike Lights

I’ve been running some cheap chinese bike lights for a couple years now. They are super bright, don’t cost much, but will also break on you so buy an extra one. They’re so cheap, you can afford to keep some extras around.  For future reference, this is a link to one of them:CREE XML XM-L … Continue reading “Cheap Chinese Bike Lights”

AGQ is wrong in Google Finance

Google finance tracked the AGQ “ultra silver” etf for ages, but a couple months ago suddenly messed it up. Now it has the symbol “UVXY” as the one for this ultra silver etc, but that is also incorrect- that symbol should be an etf that tracks the VIX.  I’ve tried contacting google about this, and … Continue reading “AGQ is wrong in Google Finance”