Crashplan Home replacements and alternatives

Crashplan, my favorite backup software, recently announced they would be discontinuing the consumer or “home” product from their lineup and will just focus on business customers instead. This sucks as I had settled on using their product for all my backups some time ago, and have it running on a number of machines. The good for me/bad for them feature that I really liked is the p2p backup options- I have a number of friends I use crashplan with to back up each others’ data to each other. Good for me because I don’t have to pay for cloud storage. Bad for crashplan, because they don’t make any rev off of me… so maybe I’m part of the reason they’re discontinuing?

I’d love to see a p2p focused product like crashplan replace it, but I’d really love to see it as an open project. (This guy kinda read my mind on the topic –

Crashplan, if you read this, are you interested in selling off the consumer part of your service? I see you are currently referring these customers to another service that I won’t name here.. hate to see that happen as well. Give me a call guys. brady dot moritz at gee mail dot com. (as if bots can’t figure that email out nowdays…)

Anyway- I’ll be researching and updating here for what alternatives are out there. Comment if you have any input.

Update: This isn’t a replacement, but this page goes into detail about recovering your data *after* crashplan does shut down- this could be a headache for users who need to restore their data after crashplan officially shuts things down and effectively (in theory?) will block you out of your own data: