Thanos Bad Blood

Googling some stuff about Bad Blood (the book about Theranos) and comparing Theranos to Thanos- discovered a lot of people are googling “Thanos Bad Blood”. I guess we could throw some Taylor Swift in there to make the full remix for There Will Be Bad Blood and Grammar: The Musical. Or something. I don’t know anything about Thanos yet so he (or it?) was likely excluded in this working title. Something about turning to sand and disappearing… speaking of, where has Liz Holmes been lately? Anyway, if you wound up here, you might be one of those misguided googleurs and you’re actually looking for this book titled Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. It’s on my to-read list, unfortunately under a pile of more important reads.

Update: wound up buying the audible book and listened to it while on the road. Good “read” though a bit too long and at times felt almost petty in trying to make Liz and Co look bad, but… they definitely deserved it. Her ability to manipulate people was second to almost none- perfect mix of young, blonde, confident, well spoken- oh and a complete psychopath. It’s interesting to see how she kept doubling down on fake-it-til-you-make-it, but seriously, you really want to do that with a device that will definitely- not maybe- eventually wind up killing people due to it simply just Not Working. But the part that truly demonstrates her insanity is- there just was not any real path forward to a version of their machine that would address all the issues and eventually work. So the “make it” part of the faking it just wasn’t there. This is where mental illness had to be in effect, convincing herself of things that simply were not true. And she likely believe them. Really amazing story.

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