Semalt in Analytics

Noticed recently in google analytics a general increase in visitors to some sites I own which don’t normally get a lot of traffic. But then I noticed something weird- majority fo the traffic was from brazil, even though none of my sites target brazil nor portuguese. Then I noticed the majority of this traffic was also referral traffic and not organic. Digging deeper, it seems almsot *all* of this traffic is coming from 

This is obviously some kind of crawler indexing my sites, but it seems google analytics is treating it as normal visitors. Wondering if anyone else has found a simple way to get analytics to categorize this as crawler/bot traffic so it doesn’t pollute my numbers? Or is there a place to report this to google so they can do this for us? 

Here are some of the referrers showing up in analytics for me: 

and so forth… I’m curious if kambasoft falls into this same category, of doing whatever the heck it is these guys are doing?