nopcommerce 2.0 fresh install sql script

With one of our NopCommerce ecommerce websites, we recently ran into an issue with upgrading – in short, if you want to upgrade from a pre-2.0 site to the latest (2.1 as of now) version, you would need to install 2.0 first, let it create a new database, run the 1.9 to 2.0 migration sql … Continue reading “nopcommerce 2.0 fresh install sql script” with nopcommerce

We’re deploying the latest nopcommerce 2.1 on some of our ecommerce sites very soon. This version (well, version 2.0) was a major overhaul of the nopcommerce project to port it over to mvc3 and razor… so migrating our old sites over turned into a lot of work, but work (I hope) that will be worthwhile … Continue reading “ with nopcommerce”