lrv and thm files on gopro

Recently procured the latest model GoPro camera. Noticed there are some additional files created for each file, in addtional to the normal .mp4 file. What are these?

After a bit of research: 

.lrv file: it’s a big JPG file that has a bunch of screenshots grabbed from the video. Rename it to .Jpg (or just add a jpg to the end, ie file.lrv.jpg) and you can view it easily. 

.thm file: another mp4 format video file, but in a lower resolution. Also good for previwing your video in lower res, or even for doing edits, without having to deal with the potentially huge .mp4 file. Again, rename the thm file to .mp4 to make it easier to work with it. 

And lastely, the .mp4 file is the main video file. But you knew that already. 

searchindexer.exe windows 8 cpu

I’ve been running windows 8 for a few months now, but today suddenly the windows search indexer – windowsindexer.exe – suddenly started hogging CPU and driving my laptop nuts. I didn’t make any system changes recently, so why the heck would this just suddenly start? I found a few others online who seem to have the same issue, and didn’t find a defninitve answer to the problem… so I’ve just disabled the indexer for now until I can find some better advice. Add a comment below if you’ve run into this, and/or if you’ve found any actual causes for this problem.