Business Ideas list (from ycombinator)

This list has been around a while, but a good number of items still stand true. Some of the things I’d still like to see done correctly are   -item #21- displace intuit quickbooks. They charge too much, and are lazy because they don’t have competition. Oh and I hate using their bloated software. How … Continue reading “Business Ideas list (from ycombinator)”

HTML5 Cross-domain communication

I hadn’t realized until reading this article that html5 has baked in a way to allow a hosting webpage to receive messages from a page contains in a child iframe. This is normally not allowed in modern browsers due to the potential for big ol security problems, but this html5 method has security measures in … Continue reading “HTML5 Cross-domain communication”

StartSSL no longer free

I’ve been using the StartSSL service on a couple websites for a number of years, and enjoyed being able to utilize a free SSL cert that actually works with most of the browsers out there. After receiving notice that one of my certs was expiring soon, I went back to the site and went through the process of … Continue reading “StartSSL no longer free”