Orchard and Microformats and Schema.org

I’ve been using Orchard for some time now, as well as some other cms and ecommerce platforms. Since I’m kinda big on SEO, it would be nice to see microformats, and specifically schema.org implemented in Orchard. Not sure if this would be good to do as a module, or if it would be necessary to … Continue reading “Orchard and Microformats and Schema.org”

Twitter Bootstrap Theme for Orchard

Looks like David Hayden knocked out a “Twitter Bootstrap” theme for Orchard… Really looking forward to trying this one out. I might even update this site to run this theme, though I need to find out which versions it supports first.  See more at http://www.davidhayden.me/blog/twitter-bootstrap-orchard-theme I also found this Nuget package that contains an MVC3 template … Continue reading “Twitter Bootstrap Theme for Orchard”