WPF Printing Performance and PDF

Printing in WPF has been a big thorn for me over the last few years, it just feels like you have to learn everything the hard way through extensive trial and error… and better write it down or you’ll be re-learning it again later. One hard lesson for me has been printing a lot of … Continue reading “WPF Printing Performance and PDF”

screwturn wiki on .net 4 and extensionless urls

Screwturn wiki is (pretty) good software, but unfortunately seems to be mired in some of the older asp.net technologies. There are a LOT of moving parts under the hood, so trying to modernize it might be a challenge. I wanted to update it enough to run on .Net 4.0, and specifically to enable extensionless URL’s.. … Continue reading “screwturn wiki on .net 4 and extensionless urls”