IGSHID – the new(?) instagram click tracking ID

Apparently instagram has started adding a tracking click id named igshid that is similar in purpose to the facebook click id named fbclid- although this parameter seems to be used in links TO instagram instead of on links outbound from it as the facebook one is. I haven’t found any real info on this parameter yet, I’ll dig a bit more and update here.

2 thoughts on “IGSHID – the new(?) instagram click tracking ID”

  1. Hi,
    Did you find if it has any information related to the profile that had shared the link?
    I found a few observations:
    1. It is unique of the account which shared the link
    2. It seems to be reset/randomize after a certain period, ie. The igshid on the link you shared a month ago would be different from the one that you shared today. I am not sure what this time interval is as of now.

    If this id links to the user profile, could there be a way to reverse engineer and find out the profile of the user from this id?

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