External M.2 NVME SSD Enclosures and Heat and Failure and Heartache

Bought an nvme ssd external enclosure so I could bulk copy my data from my old laptop to my new one.

This is the one: https://amzn.to/3rgNAVq

Works great, but I learned the hard way that these will run warm, nay HOT, when you’re running them hard. And what is running a drive harder than copying nearly a TeeBee of data off of it in one chonk?

I didn’t realize what was happening the first attempt and things just seemed to lock up after robocopy had moved a whole bunch of data across. The next day I set up another batch copy and eventually it happened again- seemed to slow down, then started seeing file access errors (file is missing etc), and eventually just stopped. This was the point I noticed I could barely touch the aluminum case of the ssd enclosure.

After this second failed attempt, the drive came back online with ERRORS. Ugh. I pulled the cover off the gizmo and set up a fan to run across it, then corrected the errors and did yet another bulk copy operation. Except this time: Success.

I read more after about this and apparently these a. do run hot b. pc’s are sorta expected to have enough airflow to keep the ventilated but c. the inside of a pc case can also be too stifling for your ssd and so you need to double check that the internal fans are getting at least some flow over them. Or else you might cook that little sucker.

Seems like the little external enclosure products may want to rethink their designs and include at minimum some ventilation, but perhaps even consider a small fan.

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