Include ETag inside html – idea

Browser caching is a deep topic, but I had an idea today.  One tradeoff used in browser-side caching is whether to use an expiration header or a etag header to control the browser cache.  Expiration headers can tell the browser “keep this file until this this date/time, and then you can retrieve it again”.  Etags … Continue reading “Include ETag inside html – idea”

Blocking Ad Blockers – Unblockable Ads

Can web ads be “unblockable”? Lots of web users are running Adblock Pro and a variety of other tools that do a very effective job of blocking ads on websites. Most of these tools simply block access to the third party urls that serve up the majority of the ads on the web. Products like … Continue reading “Blocking Ad Blockers – Unblockable Ads”

Source code more like markup

I feel like I’ve written about this before, but can’t seem to find it, so here goes. Most source code today is basically still just a text file. Historically this has been good because it it makes things easy to edit, platform independent, etc. There has been some level of progress in making source contain … Continue reading “Source code more like markup”

Business Ideas list (from ycombinator)

This list has been around a while, but a good number of items still stand true. Some of the things I’d still like to see done correctly are   -item #21- displace intuit quickbooks. They charge too much, and are lazy because they don’t have competition. Oh and I hate using their bloated software. How … Continue reading “Business Ideas list (from ycombinator)”