Prosper 202 on Windows IIS

I’ve been running more PHP and Mysql apps on windows IIS servers lately… I hope this is not the result of some disorder ;p

Wanted to try out Prosper202 Click tracking software. Downloaded the latest, version 1.9.29 as of writing.

First issue encountered – the app highly recommends installing memcache for performance. I did some checking and memcache on windows looks like it hasn’t been done in a while… the couple binaries I found that might work are pretty outdated or were just broken links. Decided to skip this for now and revisit later (maybe).

Second issue was a bit trickier- the app loaded and installed the database, but one I logged in, some things were obviosuly not working correctly. I noticed that many of the ajax widgets on the page just kept showing spinners, never loading. I looked at the source on the page and all the realtive links in the page were prepended with “\” instead of “/” – an obvious goof related to how the windows os uses backslashes instead of forward slashes like linux os’es use.

I traced this down to a function, in the \202config\functions.php file- Update your get_absolute_url() function with this code:

function get_absolute_url() {

$tmp = substr(substr(dirname( __FILE__ ), 0,-10),strlen(realpath($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’])));

$tmp = str_replace(‘\\’, ‘/’, $tmp);

return $tmp;


The first line is pretty much what the original used, but then we add a replace for any backslashes to make them into a fwd slash. I haven’t checked further if maybe we could slice off the first char every time and replace it instead, but this broad replace function seems to work so far.

The software seems to work now, but will proceed next to actually try it – and see if any other problems or performance issues arise.

Download Sql Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012

Yet another frustration with recent microsoft products- the server products (now running windows server 2012) has the browswer locked down tight. This means it won’t let you download files, without digging through a bunch of security settings and fiddling with them until it lets you.

This bit me recently when trying to download sql server 2012 express edition onto a windows server 2012 instance- even with * added to the trusted sites list, the stupid download page for sql expresss 2012 doesnt show the button one needs to click in order to pop a modal window with all the versions of the sql server- you know, the “with tools”, “advanced version”, and all that mess.

I finally just fired up fiddler on my laptop and downloaded the advanced edition from there- and it logged the “real” download link for the version I was after- advanced edition 64 bit. Copied this link and pasted into the browser on the server, and worked fine. Posted here in case you can use it as well:

Sql Server Express 2012 64 bit Advanced with Tools