Using GIT with Visual Studio and a Local project

Git usage with visual studio has become easier in recent times, but I always still have a bit of a headache remembering a few basic items. For instance, I use for a lot of private repositories, and I often will have source code on my local machine that I’d like to add to git … Continue reading “Using GIT with Visual Studio and a Local project”

Could not load file or assembly Newtonsoft.Json

I’ve run into this problem a few times, usually when source control is involved.  -Delete the package from you /packages folder -open nuget package manager, it will notify that things are out of sync- click the resolve button.  -if you have version conflicts, edit your dependentAssembly bindingRedirect so that the older version(s) are redirected to … Continue reading “Could not load file or assembly Newtonsoft.Json”

CS0433 in ASP.NET

Recently had some work done in ASP.Net, but when I published the project on the server, I kept getting compiler errors- complaining about missing an object type, and spitting out a bunch of references to the temporary folders. The first inclination is that there is junk in those temp folders, so delete them and … Continue reading “CS0433 in ASP.NET”

Installshield sucks. Thanks Microsoft.

Adding an installation project to my solution in vs2010, i notice an “installshield le” option for installation projects. ok, whats this? I do some research and apparently microsoft is abandoning their own installation projects, and will be moving everyone to use this “light edition” of installshield in the future. I’ve used installshield in the past. … Continue reading “Installshield sucks. Thanks Microsoft.”