Twitter Bootstrap MVC4

Been using the Twitter Boostrap framework on a few MVC web applications lately and have enjoyed working with it. Recently was looking at the next app to be developed and had the idea that using the scaffolding features of MVC with bootstrap themeing would be cool. Wonder if it exists anywhere. 

After a little looking, it appears that it does:

I haven’t tried it yet but will be soon and will report back here. 

The strange part about this project is that it is listed on the website, but I can’t seem to find it inside the package manager utility inside visual studio. 

Twitter Bootstrap Theme for Orchard

Looks like David Hayden knocked out a “Twitter Bootstrap” theme for Orchard… Really looking forward to trying this one out. I might even update this site to run this theme, though I need to find out which versions it supports first.  See more at

I also found this Nuget package that contains an MVC3 template for Twitter Bootstrap, over here –