268435456 is a big number. I ran across it while researching some google maps stuff, and the author of an article said it was half the earth’s diameter, in pixels, when google maps is zoomed to level 21. OK…

For some reason, I wondered if that was kindof a common knowledge thing or not, so i googled that number. I found the referenced article, but then also found a bunch of references to some default memory size limitation set in PHP. Strange.

That is one really big number to have occurred in two distinct places like this. Which makes me wonder if it has any other significance. Actually, i bet it’s a power of 2.

Sure enough, it is 28 bits of data, or rather 2 ^ 28 = 268435456

Welp, not such a huge mystery now I guess.

100 grams to lbs

100 grams is 0.22046 pounds. You’re welcome!


Just curious if I make this post, what would big daddy G do with this phrase? That being 100 grams to lbs, specifically.

If you found this post by searching for this phrase, I’d be curious to know what you were trying to convert for.. add a comment below (keep it family safe!) I personally did a search for it while comparing some mountain bike parts and couldnt recall just how much weight we’re talking about when shaving some ounces off here an there. And yes, I understand the irony of my trying to save a few ggrams of bike weight when I myself could stand to drop a few… kilograms?… myself 😉