PS3 Controller with Samsung Gear VR on Galaxy S6

This is a work in progress. 

Now that I have my Samsung Gear VR up and cranking, I’m looking for some games to mess with, and I’ve noticed that some games need a game controller. Samsung apparently sells a bluetooth controller for use with the galaxy s6, but I’ve seen mentioned that many bluetooth controllers will work with it. So, my PS3 SixAxis controller sitting next to my neglected PS3 – seems like it would be a likely candidate? 

Some searches later, I’ve found a few guys who bound their ps3 controller to their android phone and used it inside games. Every instance I’ve seen so far shows the use of an OTG cable to physically connect the controller to the phone for the initial pairing setup… and as luck would have my, my hacker brother has an OTG cable laying around. This cable basically converts the normally “slave” mode port on the phone into a master USB – the phone physically supposrts this mode internally, but you have to use this adapter cable to get it to behave this way. 

I’m still in progress on this and will update more once I’ve been able to try pairing the ps3 controller my to galaxy s6 and see if we can make it all work inside the Gear VR. 

2 thoughts on “PS3 Controller with Samsung Gear VR on Galaxy S6”

    1. I’m thinking it’s not possible anymore. I think the latest OS for galaxy s6 phones broke something and the controller just ain’t gonna work. bleh!

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