What is this weird URL that seems to show up in the strangest places? is a redirect url used by Commission Junction ( to sort of anonymize links to individual offers on their platform. So when you post a link to an affiliate offer from CJ (for instance, ), they use this link to … Continue reading “”

Malware removal toolkit – step by step

I recently suspected my laptop may have some malware (though now I think it’s just some new evil ad stuffing technique used on the web, but digress do I), so I consulted my guru buddy “tk” which malware removal tool he currently recommends. And he dumped the following list on me 😉 me: What’s the … Continue reading “Malware removal toolkit – step by step”

Migrating from Orchard to WordPress

I still like the Orchard CMS project, but I’ve found it taking too much maintenance time and having weird issues over the years, so I finally caved and moved this site (and a number more to follow) to (or back to) wordpress. Even this process was made way more difficult than it should have, the … Continue reading “Migrating from Orchard to WordPress”

Starbucks CEO Pay

The CEO of starbucks made about 21.5 million in 2014 (combined salary, options, stocks etc.) Starbucks made 16.4 Billion in 2014 Starbucks employs nearly 200,000 full time employees and over 20,000 stores.  I often see Starbucks accused of overpaying their CEO (even though he is getting paid only .1% of the company’s revenue) and that … Continue reading “Starbucks CEO Pay”

OneDrive reducing from 15gb to 5gb for free accounts

This is amazing- Microsoft sent a notice today that the free tier for their onedrive offering (basically cloud storage) will be dropping from 15gb down to 5gb. This is in a world where storage continues to get cheaper and storage offerings are continuing to grow their free tiers larger and drop their prices on non-free. … Continue reading “OneDrive reducing from 15gb to 5gb for free accounts”

Prosper 202 on Windows IIS

I’ve been running more PHP and Mysql apps on windows IIS servers lately… I hope this is not the result of some disorder ;p Wanted to try out Prosper202 Click tracking software. Downloaded the latest, version 1.9.29 as of writing.  First issue encountered – the app highly recommends installing memcache for performance. I did some … Continue reading “Prosper 202 on Windows IIS”

Converting DirectX to Vulcan API

Vulcan API spec is out there now and is looking to directly compete with the DirectX api for gaming (and others), for Linux and other platforms.  I’m sure there will be a lot of discussion about porting from DirectX and/or OpenGLcode to the Vulcan API, so I’ll be adding more content here as I discover … Continue reading “Converting DirectX to Vulcan API”

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages for MVC ASP.Net

Google has a new mobile standard for html that strays from the recent common knowledge involving responsive web pages which show the same html for both mobile and desktop traffic, but which reformats itself to the width of the browser Instead, Accelerated Mobile Pages ( or AMP ) actualy adds a lot of resrictions and … Continue reading “AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages for MVC ASP.Net”

Skype chat messages appear in wrong order – how to fix

I use skype for chatting almost all day, and today it started doing a strange behavior – my types messages would jump “up” the chat thread, to appear earlier than other messages I had already received from my chat partner. I figured it would clear itself up, but a day later things were still wrong. … Continue reading “Skype chat messages appear in wrong order – how to fix”

PS3 Controller with Samsung Gear VR on Galaxy S6

This is a work in progress.  Now that I have my Samsung Gear VR up and cranking, I’m looking for some games to mess with, and I’ve noticed that some games need a game controller. Samsung apparently sells a bluetooth controller for use with the galaxy s6, but I’ve seen mentioned that many bluetooth controllers … Continue reading “PS3 Controller with Samsung Gear VR on Galaxy S6”

3D 360 degree Spherical Video for VR

I recently acquired a Samsung Gear VR headset to use with my Galaxy S6 phone. As soon as I tried it on, I was able to experience what I’d been looking forward to trying – seeing a virtual world around me which convincingly stays in place when I move my head around. I’ve known that … Continue reading “3D 360 degree Spherical Video for VR”

Could not load file or assembly Newtonsoft.Json

I’ve run into this problem a few times, usually when source control is involved.  -Delete the package from you /packages folder -open nuget package manager, it will notify that things are out of sync- click the resolve button.  -if you have version conflicts, edit your dependentAssembly bindingRedirect so that the older version(s) are redirected to … Continue reading “Could not load file or assembly Newtonsoft.Json”

Dynamixel Servos with Arduino

Dynamixel servos are a bit (or a lot!) different from normal servos- instead of a PWM signal beign sent to each servo on it’s own signal wire, dynamixels use a serial communication prootocl which allows the servos to share a single signal line and each servo can be addresses over the line. The serial protocol … Continue reading “Dynamixel Servos with Arduino”

URL structure

We use URL’s every day, but as a developer we have to know a bit more about their structure and the rules that apply to them.  This article does a good job of reviewing all these rules: Some highlights:  <scheme>://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>/<path>;<parameters>?<query>#<fragment> One part I hadn’t realized was the “parameters” portion after the semicolon- this is … Continue reading “URL structure”