NopCommerce 2.00 is released- time to upgrade

The long-awaited 2.0 release of NopCommerce was released today. It’s going to be a lot of work, but we will be porting our primary nop project,, to the new framework as soon as we can. We’ve been holding off on a lot of improvements to the site/store knowing that this major update was coming out soon (and even held off on doing some new ecomm projects for this same reason).

The new version has been fully migrated to MVC 3, so we’ll get all the benefit of Razor, clean URL’s, and easier theming and modifications through the new plugin framework. Really looking forward to the new features, but not super excited about porting it all over. I’ll likely update this post, or add another one with all our findings/gotchas/howtos for this. 

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