nopcommerce 2.0 fresh install sql script

With one of our NopCommerce ecommerce websites, we recently ran into an issue with upgrading – in short, if you want to upgrade from a pre-2.0 site to the latest (2.1 as of now) version, you would need to install 2.0 first, let it create a new database, run the 1.9 to 2.0 migration sql script, and *then* upgrade to 2.1. Since we still had a 1.7 site, and had developed a new version in 2.1, we wanted to skip the whole installation of 2.0 step. So, we ran a 2.0 version on a local machine, let it install a fresh db to a new database, and scripted this out to a new script. We can now run this script to create a fresh 2.0 db if needed.

If you have need of this script, you can download it here: nopcommerce 2.0 new database script.

(this is for sql 2008 r2, it might work on your non 2k8r2 db, but no guarantees).

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