How to sign an agreement in a Word docx file

I realized today that I’m not sure what the “correct” way to fill out and sign a word document based agreement would be. My process usually involves typing info into the “fields”, but many documents just draw underlines in the space where you are supposed to enter data… So when you type here, you now have text *without* an underline, breaking the former underlined space into two parts that are now spread further apart than the should be, messing up the format of the rest of the document. So then I’ll select the text, click underline, and then click on the now-too-long blank underline and start hitting delete to get the length back down to near original. Except it never lines up exactly as previously so the fields all wind up slightly odd in length and are just plain ugly.

Whew. Ok then I’ll usually print the doc file to a pdf, open it in a pdf editor and sign it by adding my signature image… or sometimes sign it directly on the screen if I’m on a touch enabled device (such as my awesome surface studio pc).

Sometimes I’ll skip the first step and just print the whole thing to pdf, and then use the pdf editor to try to line up text boxes over each field and type into them. They usually don’t line up perfectly, so this looks kinda bad as well.

Am I missing something or is this just something we all put up with?

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