Home Raising in Houston, after Harvey

Update- this link should have some options for raising your house or home in Houston- Houston Home Raising

Raising your home further above the ground is something I just heard of in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas. It’s not inexpensive, but apparently there are actual options for this, including raising a house that is on a slab (pier and beam can obviously be raised without nearly as much effort). I’m researching this more and will be adding more info on Home Raising in Houston once I find more info.

I’m also curious if future home builders in the region will be considering using a “stilt home” design to raise the house much further above ground level. These designs are popular in truly coastal towns such as Galveston, where storm surge can easily raise water well into where the first story of the house would normally be. This design would be a bit extreme (and odd looking) to use much further inland, but a hybrid of the design might make sense- especially in 2 and 3 story houses, perhaps the first floor can be water hardened in such a way that flooding has minimal impact on the house and it can be back in action quickly. Researching this as well.

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