Configure Thunderbird Filelink

Mozilla Thunderbird installed an update today, and one of the new features is the built-in ability to use a dropbox-type service for handling big files, instead of sending them as email attachments. The pages in Thunderbird that pops up to show new features lists this as one, but doesnt really show how to set it up. So, here is how:


-Click “Tools”, then “Options”

-Click the button “Attachments”, then “Outgoing”

-Click “Add”

-Enter your YouSendIt user info if you have it.

-Or, click the “Need a new account?” button if you don’t already have one, or click the following link to sign up – YouSendIt 14 Day Free Trial.


Looks like YouSendIt works best with one of the paid accounts, as the base one is somewhat size constrained… I’ll be watching for plugins to enable outer filelink providers, like dropbox etc.

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