Bing Ads

I just started playing with Bing Ads, except that until today, it was called microsoft advertising. I think this must be th 5th or 6th renaming of this weird smashup of Yahoo and Microsoft/Bing/Live/MSN/Whatever it’s called this week.

Oh and the ads performed horribly. It might be my own fault somehow, but for whatever reason, after buying over 200 clicks, I only see about 7 clicks registered at my target website. Something isn’t working right. If it’s on my side, I’ll figure it out, but I have a weird feeling that there is some issue with bots or otherwise incentivized idiots clicking the ads and then abandoning them before my page even has time to load and register the click. So, for 50 bucks I received zero conversions. How’s that for ROI?  😉


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