Beerita recipe

A beerita is basically a margarita with some beer mixed in, usually a mexican beer to stay in theme. I often make a “cheatarita” (more on that later) as my go-to for drinking some tequila in a less dense/easier to make/lower calorie fashion, but sometimes I like to make my own version of a beerita as well.

Here is my weird version of a Beerita:

1 shot tequila (use your fave)
.5 shot triple sec
.5 shot lime juice, or can use some roses’s sweetened lime juice for all or partial
.5 can miller lite (just kidding! but not kidding) or your fave beer or lite beer
.5 can diet lime drink (7up/sprite etc)
1 tbsp orange juice concentrate, optional

Add enough ice to make it chill.
Don’t shake! beer and softdrinks are not fond of this.. stir slowly

drink carefully… it tastes like a lighter drink, but it actually packs the punch of both tequila *and* a beer.

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