Orchard multitenancy configuration

Am now successfully running multiple sites on a single instance of Orchard (this one). Can’t really divulge what they are, but I will comment on the configuration- when making a new tenant, make sure you have no spaced in the name. It doesn’t fail immediately, but does a few steps later. The solution requires – 1. shut down the orchard website instance 2. open the tenants subfolder in the app_data and find the offending folder with spaces in the name, and delete it. 3. restart the website.

Note that even if you abandon an existing “spaces in name” corrupted attempt, it will still blow up every time you try to create a new one until this is resolved. And, if you don’t shut down the site first, it will keep recreating this messed up folder. fun times.  

torsion bar valve springs

When I’m running, I get lots of weird ideas. Today, I thought, why not use torsion bars for valve springs in engines, instead of the usual coil spring? Benefits should include- less moving mass, adjustable pre-load, and… well that’s all.

So, this falls into the “new-old” ideas category – apparently was done as far back as the 50’s- even this clunker had them – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panhard_Dyna_Z

And some F1 cars and bikes have used them with good effect. So, good new-old idea 😉

If you can read this…

Site is moved over to new server, and running on orchard 1.0 now.

Porting was a bit painful – i used the orchard blogml module to export posts from the old server, and then import to this new one. Worked great, except that tags were mangled up. After tinkering a bit, i just dozed through and fixed the tags on all the posts. Fortunately not that many to fix.

So now to see what all orchard 1.0 can do.